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AIDS Quilt Brings Jewish Ties to New Home

Judaism has long emphasized the value of tangible memory. Many in the non-Jewish world have borrowed the custom of creating tangible memorials, and one of the largest in the world, the NAMES Project Foundation‘s AIDS Memorial Quilt, has been based in Atlanta since 2001.

The AIDS Memorial Quilt is the world’s largest AIDS memorial, with nearly 58 tons of fabric panels created to remember those who have died since 1985.

A new visitors center and central offices for the quilt are opening this month at 117 Luckie St. in downtown Atlanta, complete with open visiting hours and an interactive app designed to bring alive the stories of those memorialized on the panels.

The AIDS Memorial Quilt is a yahrzeit memorial itself: It is dedicated to the memory of Marvin Feldman, who was the best friend of quilt founder Cleve Jones.

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Robbie Medwed